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We want to make everything related to buying, selling, building, and dreaming about real estate simple, straightforward and attainable for our clients. Our first motivation is education. An informed and empowered client is a happy one. When you are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make wise decisions, regardless of the market, your are more likely to be completely satisfied with what is, a huge investment.

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Lea Cathcart

Insightful. Diligent. Honest.

Lea is our go-to expert in residential sales and multi-unit development transactions. With a direct, honest approach, he matches clients with properties that are appropriate for their goals, while demonstrating patience and perseverance. His local knowledge, and highly-focused attention, enable him to help clients find the perfect property to fit their needs. When you work with Lea, you can expect exceptional communication from an insightful partner with a genuine interest in seeing you meet your real estate goals.

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Kyle Porter headshot

Kyle Porter

Experienced. Knowledgeable. Committed.

Kyle has been a realtor for more than 10 years. What’s more, he’s also a licensed builder. His experience spans both commercial, and residential sales, as well as construction and rezoning projects. As an investment sales and leasing specialist, Kyle has been instrumental in facilitating investment property transactions for many of our happy clients. His passion for real estate investments is evident by his own successful property portfolio. Kyle's focus is in the office, industrial, and retail asset classes within the South Vancouver Island market. You can trust Kyle’s expertise and unwavering customer commitment to guide and manage your development project.

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Steve Nguyen headshot

Steve Nguyen

Accomplished. Thoughtful. Driven.

Steve began his career in residential sales. After gaining a vast amount of knowledge in residential and investment property development, he built his own profitable property portfolio. Steve can help you with the sale and purchase of single family homes, residential investment properties or development sites. He is also our resident business guru, with a background in finance and marketing, and solid experience analyzing income statements and creating profitability projections. Steve expertly manages our online marketing too, and is a specialist in marketing for pre-built construction. When you work with Steve you can count on him to be both a coach and an advocate on your real estate journey.

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